Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Another One Bites The Dust

Everything goes in Open A Vein for now.

I'm not ashamed of having called "madness" and "poverty" by their right names and intend to go on speaking as plainly as I feel I can get away with for the whole rest of my life just as I've done so far. It'll have been a good exercise; there'll be a few posts I'll want to link to (in a "here's what I said about that last year" sorta way). I'm no saner (or richer) but I'm not so crazy that I'll deny that jobhunters need to put on masks of Yes no matter how clearly they may feel Oh Dear God Anything But More Of This.

The main thing is that for a few hours on a few occasions this project consumed me altogether and I forgot that there's anything in the world to do but write about whatever was going on in my life, in HTML format, and post it on the Web for all to see. It's quite a bit like getting in a groove with singing-and-guitar. Everything else about life shrinks into insignificance and I can just be in the moment and flow. And for a few moments life is like everybody seems to want to pretend it always is: obviously totally worth it instead of some neverending test of one's patience or endurance. Such, evidently, are the consolations of philosophy. Anyway, I quit.


  1. nothing at _open_a_vein_ anymore.
    haven't necessarily given up blogging.
    dry spell maybe. still crazy; still poor.

  2. _oav_ is back. for now.
    i'm just playing
    "the blind man and the internet"
    ("i see, quoth he,
    the internet,
    is very like a drug"
    etcetera etcetera...)